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Treatment prices in EURO €

Treatment / Product Price €
Consultation and treatment plan 40
Digital x-ray (small) 20
Panoramic x-ray 50
Dental hygiene
Dental hygienic treatment 70
High pressure Air-Brush technique 80
Dental hygienic treatment + Air brush technique 130
Restorative dentistry
Composite filling 130
Composite filling / layer 50
Inlay / Onlay (ceramic) 520
Inlay / Onlay (gold) 500
Root canal treatment / canal 130
Root canal filling / canal 130
Periodontal curettage 195
 Crown porcelain fused to metal  360
 Crown porcelain fused to gold  590
 Crown full porcelain  520
 Crown porcelain fused to metal on implant  400
 Temporary crown  40
Extraction 50
Extraction (surgical) 170
Resectio 200
ICX ® Implant 850
ICX ® Implant abutment 300
Bone grafting / quadrant 850
Membrane 170
Sinus-lift 855
Full denture / jaw 1500
Partial denture (cast metal) / jaw 2000
Additional tooth 50
Denture repairing 100
Denture realignment / rebasing 350
Ot-cap/precision attachement 250
Aesthetic treatment
Tooth jewel 90
Antibiotics 45
Nightguard 110
Local anaesthesia free
Medicine, painkillers free

The above mentioned prices are valid in case of cash or credit card payment as well as bank transfer. In case of credit card payment or bank transfer additional charges from the part of the bank might be expected. We accept British Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR) or Hungarian Forint (HUF), in which case the prices are counted according to the daily exchange rate of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB – Magyar Nemzeti Bank). Fedasz Dental reserves the right to change the prices. The new prices are valid from the day of their official publication on our website.

Hotel prices:

There are three payment options:

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Credit card payment
  3. Cash payment

How can we deliver high quality service at such competitive prices?

Uniquely in Europe, our clinic has consulting rooms, dental laboratory and luxury accommodation in the same building, and it is run by a one-member ownership.