Aesthetic Dentistry

Fedasz Dental Clinic

Oral hygienic treatments

Removal of the tartar, dental plaque and discolouring by polishing or by a so-called Air-Brush technique using a special substance on high pressure.

Substitution of amalgam fillings

Replacing amalgam fillings becomes a necessity when the filling ceases to protect the tooth from further decay.


Filling is a treatment to repair early destruction in the crown or the root. According to the development of technology, aesthetic composite fillings have replaced the old amalgam ones.

Aesthetic composite filling

Aesthetic composite fillings provide full cosmetic result. Aesthetic filling materials are produced in all colour shades and the dentist can define the matching colour with the help of a colour scale.

Root canal treatment

The signs of the necessity of this treatment are mordant and throbbing pain, sensitivity when chewing. In such cases a so-called intraoral (within-the-mouth) x-ray has to be taken of the particular tooth causing it.

The aim of this treatment is to carefully remove the deceased or inflamed roots. After a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canal or canals the filling, the final stage is to place the covering filling on the tooth.


In cases when the decay or fracture is so extensive that a composite filling is inadequate, a custom-made inlay is applied instead. Inlays can be made from porcelain or gold.

Porcelain crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are the most popular items to be fitted for people choosing dentistry abroad. The crown is basically a captive supplement that not only protects the tooth but reinstates its anatomical frame. The bridge is meant to take the same role if more than one tooth is missing.

These supplements are fused to a base made of porcelain, metal or zirconium-oxide. A porcelain cover-up is then placed on this base which is identical to the anatomy of the tooth.

Shade Star – Digital measurement of tooth colour

This portable dental shade measuring device enables us to perfectly match the colour of the crown with your own tooth shades to avoid any colour difference.

Tooth jewellery

When placing tooth jewels we use a method that does not damage the enamel. The jewel can be removed at any time.