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Save 75% on dental implants abroad!

Our dentists have decade-long experience with dental implants. Fedasz Dental clinic is leading in the application of the most advanced technology in dental implantology. We use the highest quality of implants by the acknowledged USA brand, IMPLANT DIRECT. For your safety, IMPLANT DIRECT provides 10 years guarantee on their products.

dental implant is an artificial tooth root, usually made of titanium, used in dentistry to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are root-formed implants, i.e., they appear similar to an actual tooth root and are placed within the bone.

Supplement options

In case only one or two teeth are missing from a basically intact arch, the missing tooth can be substituted by an implant without grinding the neighbouring healthy teeth, as the supplement is fitted to the implant itself.

Several absences – several teeth are missing from the arch. In this case several artificial roots are needed, and a fixed bridge is to be placed on the implants.

Global absence – all or nearly all teeth are missing. The course of the treatment depends on the anatomy of the patient. Therefore, a wide range of options can come into account. From a full porcelain round-bridge, full removable prosthesis – both fixed to the implants – to the less convenient, non-fixed, fully removable denture. Moreover, it is also possible to make a combination of the fixed and non-fixed versions if desired.

Surgery – A thorough consultation and examination of the patient is required prior to surgery, where the dentist will determine the amount and type of implants required for the chosen supplements. The patient will also be advised of the post-surgery round of duties. The surgery is carried out with local anaesthesia.

One week after the surgery the stiches will be removed. The full recovery and the ossification take approximately 3-6 months, when the final supplements can be prepared then placed onto the implants.

In order that the implants last for a long time, it is very important to maintain proper oral hygiene and visit the dentist for regularly. Supplements built onto implants sometimes require extra attention in cleaning. Our dentists can advise you on this matter.

A successful implantation

Implant treatment is considered to be successful when the patient has neither permanent pain, nor sensation of an alien substance in the mouth. Furthermore, the gum around the implant is not inflamed and the artificial root is firnly attached to the bone.

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