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Why to choose us
  • Unique all-inclusive clinic
  • 23 years' experience
  • Competitive prices
  • Full service warranty
  • On-site hotel
  • 1000 new satisfied clients every year

Best prices
  • - Consultation Package:  £ 85
  • - Tooth whitening: £ 295
  • - Crown: £ 230
  • - Implant: £ 660

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Uniquely in Europe, the consulting rooms, the dental laboratory, and the accommodation are located within the clinic’s building – making the treatment much faster and comfortable for everyone. There is direct contact between the dental surgeriesand the hotel that provides full daytime medical supervision for our patients staying in the hotel.

Hotel services

If you have any questions regarding our service do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Dining room

We provide breakfast buffet in the dining room. The cosy dining room is open all day for our guests and it is equipped with microwave oven, vending machine, and flat screen TV. Here you can relax between two appointments.



The building of the clinic has its own garden. It is open all day exclusively for our guests. It is a lovely spot for recreation if you do not wish to leave the clinic for a quiet time out.





Fedasz Dental Hungary

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